Recession Various Articles

Hello you very wonderful and amazing individuals that make up these forums. I sincerely hope everything is going well for you.

I recently read an article a few days ago for predictions next year that the S&P Technical Breadth Thrust signal indicated that there could be record highs in 2024. This signal has a 100% accuracy rate and this indication was recent.

Then today i read an article that mentioned ‘Severe Recession’ may be coming in 2024 as the job market flashes warning signs. There is an array of recessionary signals. Clearly these articles both have a stark contrast.

I kindly wondered if some of these article writers have an external motive, such as to possibly get into stocks at a lower rate with these scare stories please? Further my hope is that in 2024 the economy avoids a recession as a recession was predicted this year with a 70% accuracy rate and this never happened. Can i please kindly ask your thoughts on the chance of a recession for 2024 please? If anyone kindly had any thoughts on this i would be forever grateful and thankful it would mean the world to me and be highly appreciated.

Sending you lots of good wishes and i truly hope you achieve massive success in the stock market. Very best wishes to you and take care.