Covid crisis as an indication of recession performance?

All new to this and was wondering - can a stocks performance / resilience through the covid crisis be taken as any indication of how well a stock may fare in a future recession?

May be over simplistic, but would be interested in views…


This COVID thing is getting blown out of proportion and, it’s the decisions being made by the powers that be that’s doing the real harm!!

Common illnesses have all but been made extinct and now they are all marked down as COVID symptoms building the numbers up.

That coupled with the outrageous media scare mongering is getting way to much and as a consequence, it’s destroying a lot of businesses across the world that will never recoup from it.

Throw in the copious amounts of money being printed from thin air it’s only natural that we will end up in a bad recession.

That being said, the world is still moving and a lot of businesses are flourishing due to it all.

At the minute it’s a pandemic and not a recession so it’s hard to tell how well one might do in the future as we don’t know what kind of barriers we will face when it comes to it.


Shhh, don’t think out load, might be labeled as “flat earther” or " conspiracy theorists".


Behold as the Prelude of this epic story unfold. Lot of content still to follow.


I know, right? It’s not like there’s been 85m cases and 1.8m deaths or anything! Jokes aside, the powers that be have an unenviable task balancing public health and the economy, but I do take your point about the proportionality of some government responses.

To @monkeytree’s question, I think there is value in looking at resilience through a recession. As an example, for years I held a high-yield portfolio, which I sold (pure luck) shortly before the crisis. After witnessing the way dividends quickly evaporated, I would not go down that road again.

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It’s all the fault of the MSM!!!

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But thankfully we’ve a rushed out vaccine to save the world from a bad flu :crazy_face:

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