Portfolio Tracker

hey guys.
does someone have a good portfolio tracker which is good integrated with trading212?


I’m doing something for my usage that will be available for iPad in few months.

Hope that until there the export feature will be done and it can be used to import/sync positions without parsing emails :unamused:


If you use gmail, someone wrote a nice macro that loads your trades into sheets, and you can build whatever you like there :slight_smile:

I have one worth a tab to track adjustments to the units held of each security, bookcost, and market value on a daily basis for the last 6 weeks and then monthly after that!

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Do you happen to have the post with the macro bookmarked, I can’t find it when I search :pleading_face:

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I do not use any Google product :wink:


This :wink:

20 characters.

appreciate any help guys. i know there are many people who need a good portfolio tracker.
share with us if you have some.

Thanks! :+1: Glad you were able to find it, I’ve bookmarked it (again I think, I’m not so good at this)

I use a few different brokers not only T212, so I prefer tracking all my investments in a different software https://www.portfolio-performance.info/en/ is open source and has the ability to track all my accounts.

For T212 I use the aforementioned importer to process contract notes then import them into portfolio performance.

This process could be much simpler with a better “contract note report” I was mentioning some ideas here: Contract Note Statement Currency


Thanks for sharing the portfolio-performance open-source tracker. Would you mind sharing the template you created for Trading212 you use to import?

Also a sample portfolio if you have one as the tool has so many features, trying to get my head around it. To see a sample portfolio mapped to how t212 traders use it will be very handy. Thank you


I don’t have a sample portfolio other than my real portfolio. But the initial download from portfolio performance should come with some samples itself.

I’ve created a new post here detailing how to directly import contract notes into portfolio performance.

Only just found this thread so apologies for asking elsewhere.

But would anyone be able to share the best way to import our transactions now that 212 has given us the ability to download them via CSV?

An import template using an export of ALL transactions from 212 in to this App would be much appreciated, trying to map the column myself and I keep having formatting issues. Simple stuff like the concatenation of the data & time I cant seem to get the App to decipher the Action column so I can change the transaction type. i.e Buy/sell/deposit etc

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I will probably do this when the feature is available on web interface. Don’t want to fidget with csv’s on mobile. But for formatting you can check the template I’ve posted in the importer thread above.

@kali I’ve just exported the .csv to my dropbox using the iOS App and then opened it on my Mac. Waiting for the desktop export feature could take some time, and the exported .csv will be in the same format nonetheless, once they have finished tweaking it and adding requested amendments from users such as the ticker got added to the report.

Has anyone got a working solution to using the export in a spreadsheet in Excel / Google or a Portfolio manager? I’ve been trying to setup my own, but I keep coming up with limitations to my solutions.

I’m working on a new design that I will probably start tomorrow - google sheets version.


Thanks for the reply. Would be good to see what you come up with :+1:

Try Portseido, it offers rich analytics and visualization on portfolio and has good support for trading 212 where you can export the data there quite easily.

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