Reflect price changes to stock performance after a stock split

When a stock split happens, stock chart history and various statistics about the stock is updated to reflect the price change. This is the common practice everywhere. However, open and past positions for such a stock are not updated to reflect the price changes in T212. This results with misleading average price and return value after a split happens.

It is important to show originally paid amounts for each individual order in history, but I would at least expect to see adjusted values about the performance in my portfolio. This is usually handled in portfolio management apps when the split information is added, so this is also a common practice I think.

There will be stock splits for popular stocks in following days, and I already have such a stock in my portfolio which does not reflect the actual performance. It would be nice if this can be improved in future.

If you mean the chart history after splits we discussed this here:

Tldr: charts history will be updated with new split price

I know that chart history is updated but performance of that stock in your portfolio does not reflect the price change. So, you could see that you paid 1500 for one Tesla stock while it is trading around 400, and this would result with a negative performance while normally you are in profit.

Ah OK I understand what you mean. Not sure if the buy price will be updated and how that will look