Relift buy restrictions for CLIS

Not sure why it is stopped for such a long time period, but I wanted to ask again to relift it so that investors can average down here.

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Hey, there

The asset is restricted OTC penny stocks.

In general, trading on our platform with those penny stocks is suspended since we are being restricted by our intermediary.

We are working on the matter, and we are doing our best to resume the normal trading process again. At the moment estimated time cannot be predicted.

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My investment is here stuck, I can’t average down for months, and now the stock starts to rise back. This is really a big problem, to let you buy first, but never give the chance to average down.

Hey @Gibas :wave:

This stock has a micro-market cap of approximately $13million. From this perspective, the generation of excessive volume compared to the overall market activity may lead to a complete suspension of the instrument by the liquidity providers of our intermediary.

The instrument is not fully suspended as we speak. So as long as the liquidity structure of the market allows it, you can reduce your position if you see fit.

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It could be better for T212 and its customers to stop offering such iliquid OTC stocks, as it bring an extra risk of being suspended in the future.

It would prevent regulatory issues, intermediary restrictions, and frustrations for investors.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t invest in OTC stocks due to various relevant intrinsic risks.

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I get the annoyance of not being able to buy more shares in a stock that you have a high conviction in, this is why I’m the same as you.

I wouldn’t be so concerned with averaging down as I should be happy with my entry price. I would be concerned with not being able to increase my exposure to a stock I think will perform well long term (thus missing further gains), and would also be frustrated with myself later given the likely difficulty on the other side trying to sell due to lack of liquidity.

Professional institutions often look at volume to ensure they have appropriate liquidity to raise funds in the future if they need to. This stock appears to have an average trade volume of 1.1m shares, which is approx. only 55k USD a day. I would be weary of this as well. Looks like some good news came out back in Feb(or it’s a lump and dump stock), when the trading volume spiked to 115m shares and pumped up the share price at the time and it’s deteriorated since.

This would be useful data in the App. To have average trades volume and or average execution time on 212 platform.