Penny Stocks still in Sell Only Mode?

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I did scan recent threads before posting this but can’t see anything lately (from what I can tell).

There seems to be some stocks still in sell-only mode and I’m wondering when these restrictions will be lifted?

It’s now been OVER A YEAR since this restriction was put in place and it seems to be a bit crazy that they’re still not lifted. I have conviction in some I previously bought that I would like to add to, and I’m sure many others are in the same boat!

Some example tickers: CHALF / TLSS


I sympathise with your position, but why not buy these stocks through another broker instead if you have conviction in them and want to add to your positions?

Honestly, the penny stocks are a fairly small % of my portfoilio and I’d rather not spread that across multiple brokers. Plus I’d rather just average down/up from on my existing positions.

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Appreciate that it’s in different brokers, but it’s mechanically the same move if you buy elsewhere and wait for 212 to resolve

I’d like to see an official T212 update on the subject, I would also like to average down on AMLM american lithium minerals. Been in sell only for long long time.

Going to another broker is not great advice really you are encouraging people to leave the platform, terrible business advice telling people to go to the competition.

where are they telling you that?

Hey, @Horult. :wave:

American Lithium Minerals, Inc. (AMLM) remains in close-only mode. The imposed restriction is in response to a regulatory concern regarding the unusual trading volumes of certain stocks. The measure is taken to avoid overall suspension by market makers and liquidity providers. You can find out more in the article here.

Needless to say that if anything changes, we’ll let you know and will update the article.

yes I am aware of the article. Was just trying to see if these had been forgotten about as ‘temporary’ to my mind is a matter of days/weeks to a few months, not year+

the main ones that kicked all the nonsense off were gamestop, amc and they were only temp restricted and been trading just fine for months


Is there any update since that article (dated Aug 2021)? As I posted originally, that is an insanely long time to be placed in sell only mode, especially as others have pointed out you can but the same penny stocks through a different broker.

Completely agree. Telling others to just go elsewhere to buy the shares does a diservice to T212.

To be honest, this state of affairs will be at least another 1 year

This state of affairs will last at least another 1 year. Of course, I am not an expert, but I am very interested in what is happening on the market and in the world. It seems that the crisis that has now come in the world will continue for about 5 years all over the earth. If someone is interested in where I read all this, I like the articles on the Penny Stocks website most of all. There is a lot of useful and interesting information about the economy, stocks, etc. The most important thing in this area is to constantly find out the latest news to keep up with the world.