Reporting functionality

Hello all, I’ve decided to have a punt on T212 for this year’s ISA, and am enjoying the experience thus far.

Having previously used Vanguard’s platform, I’m trying to figure out how I achieve similar functionality from T212’s platform, specifically things like the performance reports they have where I can see things like overall monthly gain/loss at a glance. I find them to be very useful for keeping track of things as a whole, but can’t seem to find a way of seeing that information in T212, so I would appreciate anyone pointing out how I surface that information if I can.

Welcome :wave:

At the beginning of each month, you’ll receive a monthly statement where you can check your opening/closing balance, deposits/withdrawals and the result of your closed positions.

You can also export your trading data in a .csv file :point_down:

  • If you’re using our mobile app, click on Menu → History → the button on the top right-hand side → choose your preferences → generate the document.

  • If you’re on the web app, click on your email (top right-hand side) → History → the button on top-right that’s next to the calendar - > select the preferred data → generate the document.