Help Transferring ISA From Trading212 to another broker

I was hoping to transfer my Trading212 ISA to another broker (vanguard). How do I find out my ISA account number and any other details needed to transfer it? Thanks. Plus is there any other details I need to know?

Why am I transferring it? I still use my invest account with trading212, and I was very happy with the ISA account service on T212. My decision comes down to my mental state and worry, I know that vanguard will be around in 50 years and that they should never have financial issues. I know T212 is in very good standing - But the uncertainty around of the future of it causes me distress.

You can find it on your statements sent to your email or if you email support they can tell you it.

Thank you. Will there be any charge to do it? And how long approximately would it take?

transfer do take a while, 2 weeks for cash ISAs, maybe 3 weeks or so for stocks and shares ISAs.

as for charges, I am not aware of any personally.

Hi Dao,

I hope your well.

I was wondering if it would be ok to get some advise from you in regards to a few things shares as I just don’t have a clue to be honest and don’t seem to be getting many answers from 212 ?

1 so know it sounds stupid but I just want to clarify what I think is correct. What exactly are daily and statement notes/ reports iv lost some of them due to the hacking but I still have some is it worth me paying for someone to try and recover the rest ?


cant say I see any reason to try and reclaim old reports. the statements and reports you get via email are just a clean table version of information you can view in your account history on the platform. its basically an alert sent to you telling you how your portfolio is doing at the time it was sent.

daily reports are no longer a thing so now it is mostly monthly I believe. monthly reports are good for collecting together later when you need to file for taxes at the end of the year and there was talk of a yearly report specifically for those who want something to make their tax submissions much simpler.

contract statements are sent every time you perform an action such as opening or closing a position so you have a separate record of what price you achieved, P/L etc.

don’t worry about the old ones just focus on the new ones you get. I don’t even really need the ones I am sent but its nice to have a convenient list of tables that show the growth of my holdings over time.

Thanks fella only thing is none of them match lol and I mean none of them, from the web site to the daily to purchase statements to the monthly one, hence my question fella which is exactly what I thought they were.

I just don’t know what to do I have written to 212 but they are not answering again it’s not a little bit different it’s miles apart. I really like the site and if it’s just an oversight I don’t want to through all my toys out the PRAM but at the same time I can’t just leave it endlessly as we are talking money.

Anyway as always thank you for your assistance