Request for STPC IPO


Could we get STPC - Star Peak Corp. II added on IPO please?

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Bump - please can this be done today - unsuccessfully listed yesterday but should be Listed today (6 Jan)


Can’t be done yet.

You’ll need to set a reminder for 52 days time or track it here;

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Any thoughts on $IPO C ($IPO iii) mate?

Many Thanks in advance.

Any thoughts as in is it a good buy?

I’m in IPOC just now but as a swing trade. Good company for the long term I think, if you’re investing, but I would expect this to pull back considerably either side of the merger date.

I’m not investing in it though so know very little about the fundamentals I’m afraid.

yes i was looking to swing trade some too , i don’t usually stay invested into SPACs. What do you think of making an entry now? or have i missed the boat? or is there any other SPAC you’d prefer to trade today? I have XL and Kanoo for trading only.
I know you don’t have to reply to any of the questions, but you seems knowledgeable person when it comes to IPOs and SPACs, hence pinching your clever brain.

Thanks Alot

Ach I wouldn’t want to give you a bum steer. No idea which way the price is going to go. You’re asking what I’d trade today, but I’m not a Day Trader. If anything I swing trade and that could mean any length of time from a few days to a month or so.

My PT on IPOC is yet to be met, but in the context of meeting that PT I think current price is very attractive. It just depends on how long you’re willing to wait for the price movement.

of the current known target SPACS, I personally like NGA, CLA, FIII and STPK. All on trend sub sectors.

For investing? I’m patiently waiting for SBE to have a pullback.

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Thank you for that reply. It was helpful

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Thanks Joe, appreciate the help!