Request: Novagold [NYSEAMERICAN: NG]

NOVAGOLD is a Canadian company that is pursuing the development of the Donlin Gold mine in Alaska. Headquartered in Vancouver, the company is listed on the NYSE Americanand the Toronto Stock Exchange. The company was founded in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, in 1984, to pursue exploration and development of mining properties. While the company bought and sold numerous exploration rights across North America, they have principally focused on four properties. They developed and operated the Murray Brook Mine in Nova Scotia from 1989 to 1992 and developed the Rock Creek Mine in Alaska but defaulted on financial obligations forcing it to close shortly after opening in 2008. They conducted exploration and development work on the Galore Creek mine in British Columbia between 2003 and 2018 but sold its interests. The development of the Donlin Gold mine has been pursued since the formation of a joint venture with Barrick Gold in 2012.


Yes please! Iā€™d love to have this as part of my miners pie!