Response to a video about Trading 212

Are you guessing or are you stalking me… ?

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He’s off promoting stake in exchange of free shares when you use his link :rofl:

It has almost been another month. I think situation like this warrants at least a biweekly update.

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I know what you mean. Starting to wish this too.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am quite interested reading their accounts since I stumbled upon them last year, and any delay such as this is annoying at best.

But out of curiosity, of all the people here complaining that it is unacceptable and such, how many of you have been reading every year their bank’s accounts, their pension’s, their employer’s and their lender’s/landlord’s? And for how many years?


I get your point but the riskiness of the stock market and all the players involved in the stock market cannot be compared to the likes of employments and landlords – I think we both know this already.

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1 or 2 line comment on here would only take 5 mins of your precious and even if you’re not yet ready at least acknowledge that you’d comeback to us.

people worry and panic when there’s no communication - it’s simply human nature

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Your broker is market neutral, as is your bank. Yet you worry about your broker’s solvency (which is a valid concern) but not of your bank’s, whilst historically the latter has been more at risk than the former.

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I don’t care about my bank’s accounts as I only have a tiny bit of cash there, my landlord I couldn’t care less and my employer makes sure to go over the company’s accounts internally on monthly basis. My broker holds a decent chunk of my net worth.


Big banks are different. They don’t shut down, they get bailed out :grinning:

Except if you’re in Iceland


Why so much worry about the delay of T212 in submitting their financials?

The 85k GBP FSCS isn’t enough for you? (if yes, try diversifying across multiple brokers)

If you are so much worry about this kind of issue, maybe investment isn’t for you. Risk is present in everything in life. In this case, it’s called counterpart risk.

Btw, did you also ask your girl/boyfriend, their annual financial reports, before any serious commitment? :smiley:

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If you are sensible to financial reporting, besides financial intermediary (broker), you should be aware of financial reporting on ETFs/ETPs issuers, their market makers, their depositories, their swap counterparts (Synthetic ETFs/ETPs), the investors/institutions that ETFs/ETPs lend their holdings, and any other stakeholder present in ETFs/ETPs chain.

Also the stock chain have several stakeholders in the process. Do you know their most recent financial reports? Specially as brokers lend their customers’ stocks and shares, do you know the financial reports of the investors/institutions that ask the lending of your stocks?

All these, are counterpart risk.

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Yeap hence the Swiss Bank, Trusts and prenup :rofl:


Not sure these flippant responses are particularly helpful.

People measure risk by asking questions to assess a situation. Don’t know why people are being defensive about that. Particularly when it isn’t immediately obvious to everyone how the £85k applies in this situation.

Diversifying across brokers is one mitigation I’ve been using for over a year now, but T212 is still my preferred platform.


In financial universe and others, risk is measured by an empirical risk assessment based on real quantitative and qualitative information. Not on speculative information.

At most, stress test/sensitivity scenarios could be made, but are quantitative based simulations. Run by complex risk models, created by financial regulators and financial institutions’ risk departments. And there aren’t full-prof, as seen for example, in the Global Financial Crisis.

Are you a risk analyst or have formation/experience to be able to correctly assess the risk of a company, especially financial companies, that are more complex to analyze, as the financial sector have specific financial risks that other sectors don’t?

Also there are other risks besides financial risks, are you able to assess that?

Do you think that reading the financial reports will give the untrained/inexperienced or even financial professionals, a proper risk analysis?

FSCS explains the process, that why I post the link to it.

Now it seems that Googling something or watching videos on internet make everyone an expert on something. Even risk professionals and risk AI aren’t perfect, a financial report is a small set of information and for the PUBLIC.

If you want to know about Financial Risk Analysis, there is a practical professional formation that could be a first step on a risk career (or a more theoretical higher education postgraduate courses, e.g. Masters specific to risk) :



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I understand the frustration when everyone pretends to understand complex financial concepts but getting pissy about it is not helping anyone.

I don’t read T212 financial reports but the fact that they did not submit them on time is worrying to me. Also, saying stupid things like “is 85k is not enough for you” not helping anyone either. It’s not about being enough, losing just 20k would be devastating to me. And you know, to get that kind of money from the Gov is not trivial either. It takes time and effort to get anything back and it’s not guaranteed either.

Also, split money across multiple brokers? Come on. The only reason most people use T212 is because it has no fees. Let’s be real about it. Using multiple brokers complely defeats the purpose of T212.

Having that said, I still trust T212. I don’t think it’s a scam or anything like it. Just wish these things were not happening.


Yes it will be interest to see how communication and transparency changes, in the coming months AJ Bell launch a new investing app ‘Dodl’ no trade fee and just 0.15% annual fee and they are a listed company so finances of AJ bell are there for all to see, I think more brokers will need to make buying/selling free like T212/Fretrade/Dodl, interesting to see what Hargreaves Lansdown do as their fees for trades are too high IMO.

AJ Bell has a 1% currency charge - I don’t see them dropping that anytime soon.

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You mean on AJ bell main investing platform, I havent seen it mentioned on the Dodl app I mentioned, its only a 0.15% fee (minimum £1 a month)

That AJ Bell app sounds cool but if it doesn’t have pies its totally dead in the water for me. Also its app only apparently so that would mean no desktop site, a further turn off.

The competition is truly behind when it comes to 212.