Result Calculation in the Instruments List is bugsy

Here we can see the instruments we have, and their prices, results etc.

In this case above, the calculated Result is right. But not always.

The Result calculation is not updated in every moment when the Sell Price changes.
You can make the same calculations to verify the sheet (Result, Result Percent), you will see that the sheet deceives us in many moments. Sometimes it shows the right Result but mostly it shows a Result based on an earlier Selling Price. Because the Sell Price changed but the Result cell was not updated.

I have to make a screen video to check whether the Selling Price in its cell has updated properly.

Anyways, I have to mention that, Trading 212 is still the best platform I found from Europe., Plus500, ZuluTrade, Naga, eToro, all sucks. Thanks for your work. I wish we could have access to many other markets and cryptos. And Renko Reversal (see TradingView) also could be a great indicator.

Hey :wave: Thanks for sharing!

Slight visual delays in the reflected “Result” amount can be observed when it comes to extremely volatile instruments, such as Urban One.

Nevertheless, the execution of orders will happen at the best available price on the market and this will be reflected accordingly in the “History” → “Orders” section.

As for expanding the exchanges and adding new features, that’s definately part of our future plans but we are not able to commit to any deadlines at this point.


I see but if the data is there in the Sell Price Cell then why is it not used for the calculation of the Result Cell? Imagine that if Excel did this. You’d ask your money back from Microsoft because it doesn’t calculate the expression well. The calculations in its sheet would be wrong, mostly.

It’s because the sell price doesn’t include FX I would assume.

Oh. What is FX?

Anyways, anything it is, sometimes the calculation is right, as you can see on the very first screenshot up there (with that :white_check_mark:mark). If something is not included (which means it should be included, so the expression behind the Result cell is deficient) then the calculation would be wrong in every moment.

Practically, I can prove with a screen video that the Result cell is not updated in every moment when the Sell Price sell is updated. It’s a little more work than I wanted to put into this bug report but it seems I can not avoid to make it. :slight_smile:

FX the difference between your home currency’s current value and old value.

Oh, I see, thank you. No, there’s no currency exchange in the situation. It’s all good old dollar, nothing else. :slight_smile:

The point is, the math is wrong in the Result and Result % cells based on the data in the Sell Price cell and the Instrument cell if you make the calculation. The Result datas are simply not true, mostly. As the screenshots attached above show it.