Revolut asking for my Trading212 account statement

Hi Guys,

I’ve been using revolut to cheaply put USD into my t212 investment account. It worked well for over a year, however last week I got a message from them asking for my source of funds.
Nothing wrong with that part, I’ve provided my payslips P60 etc. But now they’re asking me for a statement from my Trading212 investments.

Why they’re doing so? I’ve already proved a source of my income, should I really send them this info? I’m not feeling quite comfortable with sending this info to 3rd party

are you sure it’s Revolut you are responding to?

Have you withdrawn money from T212?

As I had scenario of Revolut doing SoF after withdrawing few K from T212.

Nothing out of ordinary.

Well yeah, there is the only way of contacting them - via APP:

Not as far as I remember, only deposits.

fair enough then. been lots of scams going around this last year so if it was by email or any other contact medium would pay to be a bit wary and double check everything.

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They actually now said it is all fine (I haven’t provided them anything). Oh Well…