Right issue TED baker

That makes no sense
Very interested how this is going to be resolved


The constant use of ‘Rights Issue’ phrase is triggering my OCD. It wasn’t a rights issue. It was an open offer and an offer for subscription. That aside, shares were issued via crest on the 19th. Elections should have been made electronically beforehand. Either they did or they didn’t elect in time. Then the out turn would have been electronic to there custodian ( I assume Interactive Brokers). No need for any conversation with Ted Baker at all. If they elected and didn’t receive shares then the call is to the Registrars. If IB made an error the call is to IB. If they didn’t elect then they should buy the shares with corporate funds and credit client accounts as it’s their mistake. Either way all of this should take a few hours not days and weeks.

I could of course be entirely wrong

Still not got my shares. See if they appear Monday.

Still no response to my tickets raised with T212 on this. Only updates I’m getting is from Dave above !

I’ve also not received my shares. I did email T212 who said I should receive them by the end of today…

We’re working on this and we want to ask you for a bit more patience - thanks in advance, guys!

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We’ve just received the shares from Interactive Brokers so we distributed them right away.

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I got mine thanks.

As I’ve said before you should really be pushing updates to people when these issues occur not simply hoping they don’t notice. No one ever replied to any of the tickets I raised via email on this.

I still don’t have my shares, still showing the pending withdrawal.