Aston Martin Rights Issue

Hi, I’m confused as to when I will receive my rights issue stocks for Aston Martin today on the app. Can anyone help please?

According to the corporate action you should have them today… if T212 can process it fast enough

Should our turn ISIN GB00BHNC9J35 on trading ticker AMLN

So now those should be taken away, cash taken and you’ll be credited with new AML … if you actively elected rather than letting them lapse.

See how fast T212 can process

@George20 If you’ve subscribed to the rights issue, you should’ve already received them. Check your quantity & avg. opening price.

You won’t see a separate order or position. At some point, we’ll focus on making rights issues a bit more intuitive.

Thanks, I have the first lot now, however I received 2 emails for different values, paid for both and I’ve only got one lot. One was based off of shares from the 1st of March and the other was the 30th / 31st. The funds are still blocked for what it says is the rights issue but it hasn’t been released yet. Any ideas? @David

@George20 We’ve voided the 1st email, the date was incorrect. The funds have since been “unlocked” & available for use ever since.

Unfortunately for me they haven’t :(. They’re still in the history section as blocked, they aren’t in my account and they aren’t back in the bank. Will they be released by the system at some point? @David

@George20 They are, there’s just no “unlock” message.

If you do a quick calculation of the funds you’ve deposited/invested & have left as free, you’ll see that everything’s fine.

@David I’ve done very little this month, I know 100% that I have not had that money back!

@George20 Okay, let me check everything to be 100% sure. Please, DM me your account’s email address.

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Yeah it won’t let me DM you @David