Trading 212 rights issue

Hey, how long after this is accepted does it take to get the stocks in my portfolio

From reading above it looks like before that date or executing on that date

Makes sense really that doesn’t it :rofl: thanks mate

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It depends on the company issuing the shares, but it will be a short while after the date specified, which is the last opportunity to subscribe.

Bearing in mind it might be slightly different for different companies, I subscribed to a Whitbread rights issue earlier this month. The cutoff date was 5th June and the additional shares landed in my account on 8th June. You need to keep an eye out for them though as they will just appear out of nowhere - I never got a notification to say it completed, nor do I have anything in my position history showing the addional shares, but my overall qty increased by the correct amount and average price dropped accordingly.

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I’d query why they think it’s a rights issue at all.

RBG appears to only have announced a ‘placing and open offer’ at 20GBX but I can’t see where it says it’s pre-emptive and on a ‘3 new for 5 old‘ basis.

No RNS or even RBGs own website says Rights Issue. It’s an open offer. On that basis you can subscribe for as many as you’d like.

Also your date for shares credited to your account look longer than you expect. Perfectly normal. Nothing to worry about.


Link in 212 email for this isnt working either.

Still haven’t got this…

Read the RNS… 27th July new shares hit the market, no?