Rightmove stamp duty exemption?

Worth a buy short term?

I guess it depends on whether you think the government incentive will drive the market. My view is that it will take a decent amount of time to restore consumer confidence again because there’s so much negative press out there. One day things are looking good in the UK and the next day you get a story in the US which looks worrying and it affects confidence here.

That said, I think the price is still attractive in the medium term anyway as they are pretty much the go to when looking to buy or rent.

Why is rightmove exempt of stamp duty?
It’s an LSE, main market, stock.

I’m on about property

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Okay, I get it now.

I don’t tend to do short-term buys (in general), however I can tell you that Rightmove is on my list as a long term investment. I am waiting to see if I can buy it at 4.5 GBP :smiley:.

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I’ve already got it but was thinking sell it if it goes up another 10pc

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