Good Time to Buy?

Probably a stupid question but just wondering if it’s a bad idea to go for if it goes down to £50 all of a sudden? Or will it be okay either way? I’m planning on Holding it long term.

If you’re holding for the long term, I wouldn’t worry too much. Time in the market beats timing the market and all that.

What you could do if you have a lump sum to invest is dripfeed it over several weeks/months in case of any big short-term peaks or troughs.

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@Redsteak41 dude just put the app away and go and read and learn more. This is your 3rd post about this

When looking at max use something that’ll show a wider history. That £57 was from Covid hitting the world. Pandemics are fairly rare but you’ll always going to get these major events even if they happen once a decade.

So it’s never a good idea to buy at the top, however if you’re keeping this for many years it shouldn’t matter.

I personally wouldn’t touch this as the return to risk is not what I’m after. I’m after 20% swing in a week not five years. But for low risk low reward sure you could put some money in.