Rightmove why do people buy it?

I understand it has an economic moat, a monopoly of the market and is run well, but what is the point in investing? With a high PE dividend payments are relatively low and I can’t see much growth for this going ahead, everyone knows about Rightmove it’s not new or groundbreaking.

Comments please.

It must be the right move? Only thing I can think of haha!

I like your thinking, can I buy shares in bestbuy?

:joy::joy::joy: thats better thinking, I can’t even think of others ha ha

I believe a short term recovery to just under £7 with a smaller potential of a brief higher peak expected rather than a buy in being for dividend.
There is a house market boom right now as people trapped in city center apartments during pandemic suddenly want houses with gardens slightly out of town.

The word on the street is “Great time to sell a house”, selling one in a perfect location, seeing offers in excess of 25% more than the original pre-pandemic valuation.

I would have thought that with economic uncertainty and possible mass-redundancies (Aerospace/Airlines, Retail, etc) house prices would be going down.

Not a one off either, cousin selling up seeing even bigger offers for being almost next to a lake with very reasonable distance from motorway.

Don’t forget that redundancies so far are in the tens of thousands compared to the 32+ Million in work, I have seen new delivery company pop up in my area, this is one of many examples of jobs lost in one area are regained in another.

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The number of mortgages granted would suggest there definitely isn’t a lot of house sales happening at the moment (as well as restrictions on ltv for mortgages).

Yeah I agree. Plus redundancies are in the 100s of thousands. I had a job offer rescinded at RR, thanks Corona/hypochondriacs :+1: Don’t understand why people are buying up stocks in the construction sector, this is going to be hit big time. Only reason we are seeing a return to normality is QE is still at play.

Dividends mean nothing right now. Likewise for company stats, like P/E etc.
The whole market is running on nothing more than instinct and emotion right now.

Who cares about a poxy divi for like 2% per year when you can make a quick 15% profit. in less than a week or two?!?

I don’t own Rightmove, but nearly put a small position on for just these reasons.
Recessions are for quick cash in my opinion, forget all about dividends right now and long term growth. Quick flips for a nice profit, then chuck that money in ETFs once the bull market gets underway.

Nothing more to it than that right now. Once the markets have some more stability and the VIX is permanently down, then yes, it’s a different beast to mess with.

-edit- This is not advice, i’m just saying people should always be flexible right now and trade the opportunity set in front of them.

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If the government stop interfering in markets, commodities, capital goods and the labour market will all reach an equilibrium. Pubs and high street shops were on the way out. Working in offices is in decline. The question is will we use all the resources available and grow the economy to its full potential.

Rightmove is one of my best performing stocks

I sold mine at 624p It’s a solid stock but I think they’ll lose some market share next year with the discounts being offered by Zoopla etc.

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I bought at £4.92. I only have about 20% of my portfolio in shares. I am hoping to increase my portion of shares to 30% by buying other companies.

My top performer at the moment is Anglo American Mining. I bought that at £14.17.

Bestbuy isn’t the worst to invest in, actually. And it is available in the app :slight_smile:

I cashed in on the recent profit spike.