Robinhood - Launch Delay

No surprise, given their recent outages. That’s something I’ve never encountered with T212. Long may it continue!

Just for clarity puposes T212 has had a few outages. They have never lasted nearly as long as Robinhood. But it has happened a few times. Probably just never lasted long enough for you to notice.


depends on what you use T212 for as well. traders will experience every outage while investors may only check in a few times a day/month to keep tabs on things, more often when things are volatile and less so when market is stable and they have no reason to check more.

the worst I had was not being able to access my ISA for about 2 hours, but since it was out of market hours, that can’t be considered a real problem, while for Traders this was a big problem that lasted longer than i experienced.

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