Roll-over when trading is suspended

When the oil crashed in April, I had some open long positions, and because the price crashed so quickly, I couldn’t keep up my free funds and the positions were closed.

My question is, had I managed to throw enough money in to keep the positions open, would they have been rolled over even as trading was suspended?

I am asking just in case something similar happens again, should I try to keep hold or exit with the least damage?

From my bitter experience (lost a lot) they were rolled over and the adjustment applied between the price on the new contract and the price at which trading was suspended (which was around $1 I think).
You’re also right in thinking that if you had enough funds in your account you could have protected the position. However, the next contract went from around $20 to below $10 the next day so you’d have needed a lot to ride out the first contract dip and the 2nd contract dip as well. Though in theory it could be done.

Hopefully it seems to have stabilised a bit now and this freak event doesn’t occur again, fingers crossed.

Good luck.