Rollover stops/limits

Hello, it would be awesome if you could set a stop/limit to remain at the start of the next trading day. Currently they expire at days end, I understand that the movement of the stock overnight may exceed the limit set, and am not sure of a way around this, but it would be amazing.
Even a notification system to say “reinstate stop limit?” or " “your shares in x have exceeded yesterday’s set limit - review now?” might be an okay compromise

there are 2 time frames all pending orders can be set with, “end of day” and “GTC”. end of day will naturally expire at the end of the next trading day, however GTC - Good til completion will remain in perpetuity until the conditions are met and the order triggered.

any “price movements” that occur out of hours are not realised and thus will not trigger pending orders, the only time in which orders can be triggered are during the open hours of which the platform grants access.

hope this helps.

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