Setting toggle for expiration limit orders

The default expiry setting for limit orders used to be end of day, now the new default has been changed to GTC (never). Don’t exactly know when this changed but it caught me out on a few trades after the change happened. All my limit orders are EOD, so now that I find it very frustrating to change every limit I set up to EOD. Strange to default to this IMO, maybe you have data on which is the most popular user option, but I can’t imagine it’s GTC?

My suggestion is to add to the trading preference options in the settings so we can decide on our default expiry option.

My order default is never but personally it would be really nice to be able to set an expiry date eg for one month.

Again personal view; I’d much prefer the default to be never because you can always cancel an order that you intended to set as day but realised it hadn’t expired a day or two later but it would be extremely frustrating to intend to place a never order and it expires at the end of the day for the price to hit your target the next day

Thanks, both of you :pray:

@Melvin212, I’ll forward the suggestions to implement a toggle allowing you to choose one of the two options for different instruments.

@WakeMeUp, that’s an interesting suggestion, too. I’ll pass it on for consideration.