Take Profit Limit order; help needed please

Good afternoon, This is my first post and I am brand new trader. I joined Trading212 just over a week ago and have so far bought shares in 5 companies using the INVEST platform to the tune of just £400 so far.

I noticed that with one of the companies, every so often there is a big spike (maybe once or twice a week) so I tried to set a Sell Limit order (Take Profit?) but I was faced with the following message:

“The entered price value is too far from the current market price”.

So my questions are:

  1. What is the point of this feature?
  2. What is the calculation to work out the max sell limit you can apply?

Many thanks

Paul Williams

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Can anyone help me with this please?


Sorry to be a pain but does anybody the answer to this?


Hi @Wonker,

My understanding on this (could well be wrong) is that because it is such a short spike the sell price never gets anywhere near to the buy price (the spike) as such your take take profit isn’t activated.

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Thanks for the reply but that’s not what I meant sorry. The system wouldn’t even let me enter a limit price (regardless of whether it was going to spike or not) so there must be a calculation employed to work out exactly how far from current market price you are allowed to enter a limit order; I’d just like to know what it is!

Saying that, your point is still valid and does help; I’ve been looking at the last couple of months and there have been several spikes but of course, I’ve no idea what the actual sell price was at any of these times. Having a graph with a history of sell prices would be a nice feature. :wink:



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My apologies, i fully understand what you mean now.

I have come across this myself when i thought i had a good deal on something that i want to sit on until it peaks.

Can anyone @trading212_team help with how much more than the current price you can set a stop limit?

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@liroy90 The max distance is different with each stock. We’re looking at removing it all together since it does appear to have become a burden.


@David it doesn’t seem to offer any benefits so would be good to remove.

Thanks for the reply David much appreciated.

Thank you David. Any idea when it’ll be removed?


@Wonker I doubt it’ll happen before the end of Q2, I’ll let you know once we have a deadline.

Thank you David.


bump. 2 months later, do you know more yet, @David?

I have some positions that I expect to spike a lot soon. Due to this limitation I can’t just place the limit order and forget about it.
I really don’t want to spend my whole time watching the graph.

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I am very keen to have this functionality removed too. It’s a massive inconvenience in both directions.

Yes I having the exact same problem. I tried to set my sell limit order which I assume is my take profit and its keeps telling me I need to buy the stock first when I have???

Can’t we just include a take profit function?

I assume that you already have a stop order active, it then behaves like this. as of now you can’t have a sell active with a lower and a higher limit.

So where is the take profit function? How do you have a stop loss and take profit set?

Yeah I have a stop loss active? But I would also like to put in a sell order above the current price to protect my profits if it goes up. Why can’t I do both?

Also having the same issue here. Bought and sold some shares, then it spiked and I bought again when it dipped. I wanted to sell in case it spikes again just below the old spike but it said that the entered price value is too far from the current market price, when 15 minutes before the entered price was the market price. Market’s not closing any time soon but if it were I’d be more than slightly annoyed if I had to miss sleep to profit off this.

@Harius Please try now - should work as desired.

I also experienced this and would like this ‘feature’ to be removed since it is annoying.
Is there a precise date when will this happen?