Rolls royce extra shares

Hi, newbee here,., i had Rolls royce shared since September and opted to pay X amount for the rights issue shares, i think it worked out id get 300 shares . It all seemed to go through although i have no receipt, im wondering when il get those extra shares ??


I’ve the same questions, although I don’t know why but I think somewhere I read 14th November is the date when they’ll be redeemed.

@David can you comment please?

Good , as long as I haven’t completely missed something!

I’ve done the same… Paid the money, but not even an email receipt or message, or anything from 212 to say that the money was paid… Just hoping the shares show up :slight_smile:
Are we all rather trusting? (212- a receipt would be nice)
Ps. Send me £100 and I’ll send you 1000 shares in apple some time next year…
Honest :slight_smile:

Hi All,

Don’t panic! If you clicked on the link and the money was deducted from your free funds, you’ll get your shares. I’ve been through a rights issue before with T212 and also subscribed to the RR rights issue. I’m expecting the shares will be deposited in to my account next week as I’ve not seen a definitive date. It’s generally a day or two after they go live with T212. While we are all very trusting of T212, I’ve had no problems with them previously and have no reason to doubt them this time.

Happy investing,


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This can be viewed in the History->Transactions and see for Withdraw.
The description displays as “blocked for rights issue(RR)”

Thanks vvsvin, I’ve just checked and it does indeed show up in your history of transactions. I’d never noticed that!


Just added! Just saw it reflect in my portfolio right whilst I was looking at RR :smiley:

Hi Guys, I received my shares on the other trading platform already. We should be able to see them on 212 today to trade, how do we raise this?

They’re probably adding as we speak. My RR shares has already landed in my portfolio in T212.

Hello everyone,

Newly Issued shares on RR. have been distributed to the eligible accounts. Platform notification will be sent out shortly as well.


Yesss, thanks all, had them drop on my portfolio at 1600 :slight_smile: much welcome sight! Lets hope rolls gets back to pre lockdown highs

Thanks Darren for the Reassuances.
You were right… Shares now appeared. Pheww.

I took up the option for the RR rights issue and T212 took £500(ish) out of my ISA account. This shows as a withdrawal on my history. When the RR shares were issued yesterday the said £500 ish appeared as a deposit ! This now means that i’m unable to deposit the full £20K this year. having never done anything like this before i’m unsure if this is the correct way of taking my funds to purchase the rights issue shares. It seams unfair to me!
Can anyone clarify if this is the correct process by T212?

Have you checked in the “ISA Utilisation” percentage on the top below your account value?
For me the withdrawal and deposit didn’t make any difference in the ISA utilisation.

hi just checked the “ISA Utilisation” and its OK ! It just looked odd on the transaction screen through the web page. School boy error on my part!