Rolls Royce Rights Issue

I think am tempted with the RR right issue but the current worsening of the Covid 19 and the scale of localised lockdown and restriction gives me the shivers not saying i wouldn’t take up the offer :thinking:

Does anybody know when 212 will be sending out notification of the rights issue and the option to opt-in? Also as this is my first rights issue, if I opt in (let’s say the send the email tomorrow and I opt in) and I purchase more shares before the 23rd will 212 include my additional shares in the rights issue? Thanks

All the shares you buy before 23 Oct will be considered for the Rights Issue, ofc.
And I think Trading212 will send notifications in the week starting 26 Oct, with details.

I do not think it works like that. What you need to confirm before the 23rd is that you want to take participate on the rights issue. Then when the rights issue is confirmed on the 27th, you will need to ensure you have enough funds to buy the new shares (current shares * 10/3 * 32p).

Has anyone heard anything from T212?

I understand the offer to participate will be sent from 27th October, and the deadline for acceptance is 11th November.

Not that I am planning to but what if someone was to hold shares on the 23rd and sold them on the 26th. Would they still be able to take up the rights issue? I’m only asking because I would be expecting to see a drop just wondering what day that will happen.

Ex rights is the 28th, so If you sold on the 26th you wouldn’t own the rights.

My understanding you would own the rights if you sold on the 28th.?? But I’m not an expert and I’ve never been involved in a RI.

But I have been following this stock closely as I own a portion and will be taking up the RI as I believe RR will recover.

HOWEVER I am shorting as you say FOMO has caused the price to rise and the fear of missing out on a potential ‘discount’, once this goes EX Rights there is no incentive to buy so surely demand will fall and with that price. Maybe I am looking at this like a simpleton but that’s what I think, this will head towards the TERP whatever that now is. Once this settles around TERP I expect to see an increase if Covid slowly goes away after Xmas.

Thank you for your reply. This is exactly the clarification I was after and exactly along the same lines as my strategy. I am also currently shorting so will see what happens.

In my head you have a time period in between EXR and RI, almost a 1 month vacuum.

Ex Rights End Oct - 1 month vacuum - RI End Nov

In the Inbetween period of a month, why is the price going to rise??? No rights and dilution hasn’t taken place, surely simple supply/demand.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Finki can you conclude on my assumptions you’re pretty switched on.

I participated in the IAG rights issue, and Trading 212 sent me an email and a app notification some day before the date… But in this case they sent me nothing! Can someone tell me, did you receive a communication from the Trading 212 team?
Thank you guys!

Same here. I didn’t receive anything from T212. Panicking here


Information for participation will be sent out shortly to eligible shareholders. Will update you here as well when present.

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I was wondering the same but I’ve just noticed this :point_down:t4:

I guess that means we haven’t been forgotten about. There’ll be plenty of time to decide what we want to do with the rights offering. :grinning:

I can’t see such screen in my app… But I was pretty confident I could trust t212 guys, so no, I was not panicking at all :yum:

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Hello! I am a new user of Trading212 and I have no knowldge on rights issues. I own 325 shares of Rolls-Royce currently and I realized this morning that I have lost almost 65% of that money I invested months ago. Could you advise what should I do and what should be done best way that I can get this decrease back? Will we get back this money on 12 November? What are my rights as ex-rights share holder? I am worried abd we received no information about the happenings so thanks all your comments.

@balazsn I suggest to go to the official Rolls Royce investors page, and read all you can about the rights issue. There is everything you can learn, including a calculator of what you have and you can do!

Trading212 didn’t send any notification to buy new shares using your rights. Officially we’ve been screwed! Most likely your rights have been sold and you will get few pennies back! Enjoy!

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If you care to read the official information, you will know that nobody is being “screwed”.

"Latest time and date for acceptance, payment in full and registration of renunciation of Provisional Allotment Letters

11:00 a.m. on
11 November 2020"

The option to take up your rights hasn’t been issued yet. I know people who trade via HL who haven’t had the option yet either. It only got voted in favour of yesterday.

Seems like they posted an announcement. Check out your notification section!