Royal Shell A&B Share Combining

Does anyone know what happens to the Royal Shell shares we hold once Shell combine their A & B shares into one at the end of Jan? Will our holdings be liquidated at the going rate or will they be automatically converted into the new shares?

On the 212 help site you should get new shares.

Effectively merging the A and B line.

Thank you for the info :+1:t3:

Hi all.

So I know that because of the reorganisation of Shell’s previous stocks, its become SHEL as of today. My original holding in RDSB disappeared and replaced with the same number of shares in SHEL, so far so good. However my average share price is showing as 0.00.

Is this just a blip until the system catches up, or is this really my new average? I’m a bit confused with how this is working as my previous average was 13.60. Thanks :grinning:


Same here and also raised on the other Shell thread.

The way the new shares have been distributed to my portfolio are very confusing. Check you history for past performance. Showing the old ones were sold at a loss (i was up c.60%) so that’s impacted my historic return making it incorrect. The new shares show with an average price of £0. So the entire holding looks like gains, which it isn’t. I also cannot reconcile it with my “invested amount” as that has changed as a result. It makes my profit on what I’m holding also incorrect. This can’t be right. Surely the transfer of shell shares had to be done in a way as to carry over the previous positions on avg price. Just a like for like swap.

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Thanks, yes this is a very confusing. I knew it was happening, however just unclear whether this is still in progress or our averages are now 0, which as you say impacts on returns, and Shell is now my largest ‘gain’ holding, which it is not. I’m assuming the transfer isn’t finished as an average of 0 just makes no sense. People could jump to buy more, and end up with an average way lower than it was previously which seems odd, and then potentially get caught out when/if it corrects on the platform. Weird :thinking:

I was really confused this morning when my invested amount plummeted out of nowhere. But then I saw the notification that “Shell Plc has been acquired by Shell PLC” – I didn’t know the merge of the shares was going to happen :see_no_evil:

From what I’ve experienced with demergers I had in my account (not acquisitions, to be clear), I believe the average will stay 0. It is pretty unfortunate, because my unrealised return jumped from 5.8% to 11.1%, which is totally inaccurate.


I’ve seen something weird also…
My invested total has decreased down by more or less what it’s showed in the history panel (the loss for having sold all the shares at 0.0) but my total PNL unrealised has increased by the same amount.

The weirdest thing is that in the history panel I can see the sold shares, but not the acquisition of the new shares (I suppose they should have been bought at 0.0).

What will I have to do when I will have to do my tax report?

I noticed this too:

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Hi, so I’m a relative newbie and a very small fish in share trading and 212. However last year I bought some RDS shares, and obviously with the merger mine were liquidated.

But in simpleton terms what does that mean for me? Do I no longer have any Shell shares? I can’t see any + or - % it just has a + figure. Do I now have to buy more shares at the higher price than when I originally bought them??

Thanks for your help

Simplistically your old holding in RDSB/RDSA has been converted to the new SHELL.

Royal Dutch Shell rebranded and chose to merge both their exchange listings. There was no cash movement in this, so 212 have closed down the old RDSB/RDSA holdings and converted pro rata to SHELL.

I think people are concerned how this appears on their statements, but it seems 212 are showing this conversion as a Depositary/Trustee of our investments, that no cash movement took place. This is correct from a Custodian perspective.

The reason you probably dont have any +/- % is likely because it cant calculate based on the new custodian units being received for no cash transfer.

Ideally on the statements from 212, we would like to see the Accounting practice view. That would make it much easier for anyone preparing CGT returns.


Thank you Dougal1984, that makes some sense :grin:

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The way 212 has felt with this is refocus. My portfolio percentages are away to ridiculous numbers. How can they make such a mess of a simple merger. Anyone worked out ho to square the numbers up. Hopefully 212 will get there act together and fix it. Very disappointed. Other share services have not made a mess of it like 212 has.

Showing 1950% profit. I mean I bout in at a good point but nothing like that. 212 fix it and show me what I actually paid for my stock. I can’t even sell and re buy or it will just keep showing profit I didn’t make.

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Hello, @Danger-mouse

The chronological development of your position (both new and old) is not gone. Both are visible in the History section in each account and will be reflected correctly on the tax statement’s closed positions attachment should you decide to close your new position.

I have no issue with the history nor the tax position. It’s the fact that my current shell holdings show as a huge gain. This then knocks my whole portfolio percentages and makes all the charts pointless and inaccurate. It may calculate correctly in the background but I see my portfolio gain/loss as an incorrect value.

How is this acceptable?

Hi again,

We understand that it was not the perfect solution visually, yet there was no other way to reflect the event given its specifics and the technical capabilities of our system.

We always strive to further develop all technical capabilities, features and customer experience in general. If we have any updates, we will let you know.

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What a joke. How do you suggest I sort it. Sell off my stock? Or just find a company who has better systems?

I understand that this may be of great importance to some people, but personally I prefer to receive the new shares in this way, rather than be forced to sell my shares and receive the cash equivalent as it was happening not so long ago.


This method means you can’t see what you have invested. Even if I sell of shell and re buy it will not fix the issue.

For example if I invested £10k and now have £20k and 25% of my portfolio in shell.

They removed £2.5k from the value of my investment initial cash. Then give me back shares that instantly in jump to £5k in value.

Now it looks like I invested £7.5k and now have £20k. Why would anyone do that. This is not exactly what was done but a simplified version.

It’s not accurate as your invested amount has not in reality changed. Doing this means I would have to sell my entire portfolio and buy again to get it back to accurately reflect movement in values.

The obvious way to do a transition like this is to sell at £x and then re buy at £x or simply merge it across. Or apply the average buy price to the new stock accurately based on the individual user. Meany options that are better than the way they chose to do it.

Glad to see a survive that says just go away, our system is not very good so deal with it.

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Any service has its compromises. That is why its important to keep your own records…