RTX Dividend Details Wrong

I’ve probably missed something, I thought it was just 5% from your document.

Edit: Yes, I missed it :smiley:.

ok so i will wait for @Team212 answer here, have contacted them through contact-us in app a dozen times with no clear answers whatsoever

I would advise to get official Greek authorities document/link for treaty with USA. I don’t know greek lingo to find this, but if indeed 0%, you should make sure to get this sorted.

yeah i have already found the document in greek, but there is no point to post it here since noone will understand it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well forward it to Support, I would not wait on that. 30% is a lot of cash :wink:

i have send a dozen of emails through contact us and it seems like i am getting the same answers all over even though i was asking them about the WHT and they were replying to me about foreign exchange rate and other stuff like fractional shares, idk why. i’ll try to reach out again.

Maybe @David can help this gentleman from Greece to get witholding tax issue sorted. :wink:

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Going to watch latest episode of Billions, will wait if someone from the support team replies here till tomorrow, else i’m gonna contact support again

I suggest looking at Table 1, page 2, in this IRS document.

The rate for withholding tax paid by US corporations to residents of Greece is stated as 30%. If you Google and read the USA-Greece treaty, Article IX (page 10) is about dividends and does not mention a reduced rate, as one finds mentioned in the corresponding article of other tax treaties.

I may be wrong, but this research suggests to me that unfortunately 30% is the correct rate of withholding tax for US dividends paid to a Greek resident. One can see in the table that there are other countries that also suffer a 30% rate. The treaty is dated 1950. Other countries have more recent treaties.

I have read comments above. I wonder of some people have read the wrong tables, either ones to do with sales tax, or the treaty between Canada and Greece, or withholding taxes imposed by Greece on dividends from Greek companies.

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Hello, @GeneticFeak!

You have attached & verified W8-BEN form, however, Greece & USA doesn’t have a tax treaty - 30 % tax for US dividends should be applied to all Greece residents.

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To be exact, Greece and USA do have a tax treaty (see link), but it doesn’t include any provision for a reduced withholding tax rate for dividends. If there were such provision it would be in Article IX.

@Team212 would be best to amend this Help page. The treaty rate is not always 15% but can be anything between 10% (Mexico, Romania, Russia) and 30% (Greece). Most commonly it is 15%. The W8-BEN ensures you obtain the most favorable rate permitted by your country’s tax treaty with the USA. The rates can be found in Table 1 on this IRS page.

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@Richard.W, thank you for being observant! We’ve just amended the information: