RTX Dividend Details Wrong

I just received the dividend from my RTX shares. I got 0.33$ /share which is way off, RTX distributed 0.4750$/share , with 15% withholding tax that is: 0.4$/share, with 30% witholding tax that is: 0.33$/share, as trading212 says 0.33$/share. I had already send a ticket for my Realty Income Dividend which was also incorrect, support also informed me that i have a W-8BEN form submitted, that means i should have only 15% witholding tax in other words for RTX shares i should have gotten 0.4$/share. Can anyone from the @Team212 clarify?
EDIT :Wrong Math, now it’s correct

Mine is 0.40

Wtf :stuck_out_tongue:

mine is 0.40 too, just checked.
edit: ÂŁ account

Maybe something to do with FX rate between USD and EUR as my account is gbp

30% off 0.475 leaves 0.3325. So it is correct for a 30% withholding. What is your tax residency country? Not all have treaty rate of 15%.

The amount per share is in dollars , so that has nothing to do with it

Math is wrong dude, 30% of 0.4750 is 0.1425.

Minus that is 0.3325 so yeah your amount per share would be $0.33

Ok, math is wrong ,but still support informed me i have a W-8BEN form submitted so i only have 15% witholding tax?

It depends on your country of living. :slight_smile:

For instance I have W-8BEN submitted, but my country doesn’t have agreement with US thus 30%.

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Oh ok it might be this then, although support told me i have a 15% withholding tax, they might have been wrong

Well I would advise you to check via google “(insert name of your country) dual taxation agreements”

Your country should have official government page with list of all countries it has treaty with.

If correct that it is 15%, you should follow up via support provide them details about this dividend payment and link to goverment official…

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This is a very good suggestion. I think that every serioua investor in US shares can benefit by reading the dividend section of the US tax treaty for his or her country. Tax treaties are easy to find and read. There is a special Article dealing with dividends.

@GeneticFeak Please let us know what you discover. It will be nice if you can write answers in this forum to others with the same question who come after you, as there will surely be.

How do you submit the W-8BEN ?

This is done for you automatically by Trading 212 when you start buying US company shares.

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Sorry about the very late response but look at this section in trading212’s site

Can someone from @Team212 comment on this ? If i have W-8BEN form submitted how am i taxed 30% for dividends on US stocks? I am from Greece by the way.

First time you purchase US stock, you will automatically get form to sign. So it should have been done.

What I read from below, you should have no witholding tax from US, all tax related to US dividend should be paid domestically.


I think that there is a minimum 15% tax, at least for UK investors.

Verdan, according to your document shouldn’t there be a 5% withholding tax?

He is from Greece, Greece and USA have treaty for 0% Witholding tax from what I see in this document. There is also official IRS pdf stating same.

5% is Greece domestic witholding tax, you have to scroll down to USA, where it said “Domestic” which should mean, you pay tax in Greece.