O - Realty Income dividends amount

Hello. I would appreciate if anyone can explains this to me.

Realty Income has paid 0.234 in dividends on November per share according to Yahoo Finance.

And T212 has told me that O has paid only $0.16.
My account in USD!


I mean how many shares you got xD?

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I assume you are not an US citizen. As such you get a taxation on your dividend. This depends on your country and if they have an agreement with the US. Usually the tax is 30% if no agreement between states. Trading 212 usually shows you directly the available dividend already taxed.

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We don’t have income tax what so ever even on stocks ( Dividends or capital gains )

The tax is deducted by the US not by your country.


As alien said. It does not matter what your country tax is. The US is taxing you. If the US and your State have no agreement the tax rate is flat 30% for non-US shareholders. In my case for example my state has an agreement and the tax rate is 10%

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Does your country have a Double Taxation Agreement with the US? If so, you can fill and send T212 your W8-BEN form to reduce US-taxation to only 15%. In my case, Realty Income paid me $0.2 per share because I’m being taxed 15% instead of the ‘default’ 30%.


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Ph thanks for the explanation I really appreciate it.
Although it’s unfair from the US to tax me I am not American
My country even doesn’t taxes me soever!

Amazing ill check that out thanks thanks for the tips

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Gents so it’s 30% flat even on the UK ISA.

BECAUSE usa will tax the dividend?

It depends on tax treaty. UK has 15% Witholding tax with US afaik.

Do I have to fill this form to get it down to 15% ?

It should be filled automatically first time you buy US stock.

aaa nice what a relif, i will check the 1st dividend then.

and for uk stocks it’s just the 0.5% London Stock Exchnage u pay when u buy and 0.5% when u sell ? am i right ?

but inside the ISA no tax on dividends or capital gains is this correct ?

US dividends are subject to withholding tax from the origin, even if you hold the shares is ISA.

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Right so the 15% .

But not for capital gains when u sell them? You don;t pay the 15% tax then or how does it work? Please

T212 would have submitted the W-8BEN on your behalf, so you will get all your sell proceedings. If you hold the shares in ISA you do not have to declare the profits as capital gains.

im from Spain and I have to fill that form as well, does T212 fill it if I ask them or do I have to fill it and send it to T212?

above post told me they do it automatically when u buy USA stocks for uk Tax residents however hence , maybe ask support and see what is the agreement with Spain, i am no position to give advice on this…

This might be helpful