Wrong Witholding Tax stated

Hello Team,

Noticed since the update for displaying Witholding tax rate, issue of incorrectly displayed Rate.

RoC labelled dividends claim 0% Witholding. While it was taxed 15%, which is correct rate. However your app displaying 0%.

It seems impacted are the Canadian companies listed on NYSE.

wait, i thought RoCs aren’t taxed? or so i was explained :thinking: don’t burst my bubble please

Hey @Vedran :wave:

I am reviewing the matter as we speak, and will update you as soon as possible.

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RoC is true. However the above companies are not paying RoC, but a common dividend.

Bit background on the topic:

Croatia has taxation treaty with Canada for 15%, however no treaty for US, so 30% on US companies.

As initially I had to raise tax issue to T212 for payout of Canadian companies, which were taxed 30%, later fixed to 15% as per official treaty.

All companies were labeled with “ordinary” dividend.
Later in 2020., December I noticed change from Ordinary to RoC.

Maybe related?

Hey @Vedran

I can now confirm, that the above is only a visual mismatch, which we are aware of and will be fixed soon :v:

On a side note: this does not affect your payouts or taxation in any way.

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can you let us know the outcome @B.E because a couple of those will impact my dividend investments too. even though visual, i rely on the accuracy of the data T212 provides for my analysis.

Would be nice if this information was on the export feature as well.

Hi all,
I would like to ask about an issue I have noticed.
Both January and April dividends from Kirkland Lake Gold (NYSE:KL) have been qualified as Return of Capital.

Dividends announced by company were $0.188 per share:

That being said, Transaction History exported to CSV and the above screens show, that 15% of tax was actually taken and paid ($0.28 of difference, which is 15%), but it still shows 0. If I use that history for taxation issues, I will have to pay a double tax. My country has a tax tready with both US and Canada (paying 15%).

KL is not a MLP company to pay returns of capitals.
Can you please advise? If I have to pay over 30% of taxes, because it’s showing incorrect values, I may consider selling it to not pay 1/3 of taxes.

You should be able to use the company website to prove the gross/net distributions but agree would be useful if the 212 statement was correct.

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Novo Nordisk ADR (NYSE: NVO) is the same situation.
On ADR’s page we can see that basically 27% tax has been withheld.

And T212 screen showing the final amount, lowered by the ADR fee and withheld tax:
however, based on that data, I could pay another tax in my country (19%) as 0% tax means I have to make a full payment here. I don’t really want to save all evidences for tax purposes for different stocks.


Besides Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) mentioned on the OP, also labelled as “Return of capital” with 0 % Witholding Tax:

  • Brookfield Infrastructure (BIP)
  • Brookfield Renewable Partners (BEP)

They appeared both on History and on CSV Export file also with withhold tax = 0 USD.

How can we know the tax amount that was withhold?

We have to do the calculations on our own (with some error probability) because Trading 212 made some “visual errors” 9 days ago and still didn’t correct them?!

Trading 212 have a duty to correct your mistakes, 0% Withhold Tax and 0 USD Withhold Tax are wrong, if we pay taxes, you must correct yours errors ASAP.

We shouldn’t have to do due diligence if you pay correctly or not. Time is money. We don’t work for Trading 212.

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Yes. But we shouldn’t have to be the T212 cop, analyzing every transaction to see if T212 have done it correctly. And customers shouldn’t have to spent their free time to check T212 work. Time is money.

This kind of mistakes hurts customer trust.

It is safe to say all canadian companies listed on T212 have this issue. :wink:


It seems like that, but there is also a Danish traded in US in the same kind of errors:

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