Russia Stocks Thursday

Are you offering Russian stocks tomorrow?

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From what I have read, the russian market is reopening, however T212 does not provide access to stocks listed on the Moscow Stock Exchange, so I don’t believe anything will change on T212.

T212 offers access to russian stocks listed on other international markets such as the London Stock Exchange and in the markets in New York, however I believe those markets will still have russian stocks suspended (the ones that were suspended a few weeks ago).

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Interesting to see not everyone wants to join in with the embargo.

It says non-russian residents will have to wait a bit longer:

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JPMorgan Russian Securities Trust is currently only way of investing in Russia, right? Is that ticker even available on T212?

I have EU version which does not have it included, so I was not sure, seems like it is active on exchange but unavailable because of IBKR?

Today Russian stock exchange is opened, so why it is not possible to close the positions of Russian stocks in CFD account, does anybody know? CFD Russian stocks as i see are linked to Russian stock exchange.

Four posts up bud

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There are a dozen or more in CFD.

Interesting to see how the people of the UK are reacting to Ukrainian refugees compared to refugees that aren’t white European too.

Apparently it’s morally questionable to trade Russian stocks but ok to trade stocks based in the US, the biggest war monger on the planet.

I don’t agree with the invasion of the Ukrainian but the hypocrisy is astounding.

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You are wrong - CFD is contract for difference, not stock trading. Today it was possible to close CFD positions, so yesturday issue was different.

Agree with this - there are certain stocks I generally avoid out of principle at all times. The refugee thing you could kind of get though - when have we seen such scale of people being forced to flee from their homes? That said the whole US Afghanistan exit was a bit of a sh!t show, which imo should have either been phased out over time, or helped more people that wanted to leave, leave and setup life elsewhere during their abrupt exit. A lot of people have been impacted there - lack of education or freedom for women and so on that doesn’t get enough coverage worldwide.

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And for what, Taliban back now, nothing changed.

Makes me wonder if Russia will end like Syria. Hard to believe now, but it wasn’t too long ago Assad was gassing his own people, then all of a sudden media moved on, what was it Brexit? can’t remember, he’s still in power.

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The hated one - anti-system as always:

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