Sale price ***BABA / Alibaba***

ooooooooooow what a bargain! Alibaba/BABA is currently on sale for $217, doubt it will drop below $200 but time will tell.

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Its not showing any signs of slowing yet I would wait for the bottom first

I’m shorting :wink:

When it reverse i’ll take a long position :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m starting to go long now. Averaging accordingly if needs be.

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such a good price, you’ll be fine :wink:

Such a good price @ $280 apparently then $250 now $210, not good if it keeps going

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Tired of it losing more than the news behind it, I’d be 30% more up on tesla in the same time I’m down 30+% on baba. Tesla at any price right now

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lol ok each to their own :wink:

I’d rather buy for the profit and swallow the hype than buy with losses and hold on to the fundamentals

As i said before “LOL OK EACH TO THEIR OWN” :wink:


I am all for baba, just waiting the bottom, probably around 200, I am waiting

Thanks for the capitals really helped explain it for me :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

$200 would be fantastic! time will tell if it reaches that price.

Thats the retest I am long, on to new highs

Yep trying to buy, but T212 pending for AGES.

Executed, get your BABA while its hot guys


I don’t follow BABA what’s the story for the Xmas selloff?

Anti-monopoly probe, heard it via Benzinga, also available via WeBull app etc.

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Remember when Facebook was being scalded over the privacy concerns and the stock dropped rapidly, but then later all is forgotten and it rebounded higher and higher. I wonder if the same will happen for baba.

So many different issues with alibaba atm I don’t think this is a one thing sell off, something bigger is happening

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