Are you keeping or selling tesla

Are you keeping or selling tesla?


Just bought some lol

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Many TSLA bulls around, however awfully quiet.

Not so long ago everyone was hoping for correction, but now that it is here, wonder who “backed up the truck”. :thinking:


slowly trickling money in, the more it dips the more i buy

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Bought the perfect amount of shares to round me up to 3

Bought on the way down a while ago too


Bought some Tesla moments ago @605, but am currently sitting on 50% cash (CASH IS KING)

Still plenty in here lol

Yeah I had the same problem with shares on another fractional-share company…ended up a part share with 8 decimal places. Can’t seem to round it up! Very annoying!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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My personal entry price for TSLA would be around 185$.

Let’s see if we get there.


it’s 925$ pre split, would qualify you as a super bull just one year ago


I know, awful, but I didn’t want to be such a party pooper saying I wait for 80$.

Wouldn’t mind.

But who knows if I would do a real money purchase.

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to be honest i am buying some tesla, but there are many other stocks crashing so no need to buy into tesla to get good deals

After loving and breathing tesla i left the boat like 2 months ago, all in on bitcoin, call me crazy :grin::laughing:

@Vedran Did you get some more Baba stock, out of curiosity?

I am buying the dips on ETF that has a tiny bit of Tesla, so does that count :smiley:

But no I wont be buying Tesla, might have a more serious look at the numbers if it goes sub 300, not being a dick just other places to put money at current prices and with this whole ARK potential blowup who loves Tesla.

Unlike some, “I put my money where my mouth is”.


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seeing some upwards potential for Tesla? :thinking:

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Sweet, hope it goes well!

TSLA is massively overvalued, even if it fell 80% it would be overvalued.


@Vedran NICE I am tempted just too overweight in it, it was already undervalued now with this market selloff BABA is the real value play :smiley: