Sale price ***BABA / Alibaba***

Or if they’ll end up being nationalised, or a puppet ceo put in place

If they do that, they can say bye bye to foreign investors. If China is willing to cut so deep risking hurting itself so be it.

Would be minor set back. I am not all in on Baba, just one small to moderate position. I am fine sitting this out 3-5 years no problem.

I believe all big techs will be scrutinized not just Baba, so I am not too worried.
Also, its better that way, this makes big tech learn to adapt and adjust instead of abuse the system through monopolistic tendencies. I believe its better for the company in the longterm. Have been waiting for ages for this to happen to Amazon and Alphabet, they are just too big, lets face it. They need to get slim and lean again :wink:

Share your view, I am interested

It falls, I buy.

Thanks :santa:

Personally I think CCP will tear up Alibaba.
CCP don’t like being criticized.

My personal prediction is they will be forced to sell off parts of the business.
Jack ma will be put in prison for something.

Absolutely, same here. So many fearful people, especially in the west here who really dont understand China, its economy or how the govt works.


I have heard from a few people who have moved there and were very willing to invest in chinese companies. it’s the same case for why british would often like to invest in UK stocks as they know them, and US often stick to the US market. exceptions being that people do trade and invest across markets but only when they can satisfy their need for information.

the chinese system just isn’t compatible with most western systems and so everyone tries to avoid them due to uncertainty.

It seems like you might be lucky today. The share price of Alibaba has fallen nearly 8% in Hong Kong today.

I linked the current price in Hong Kong today and an article from the Financial Times here:

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Just for information guys! Something to keep an eye on perhaps.

Here’s the link to the Reuters article if you’re interested in reading it.

If you plan to invest in Baba, first advice, stop following news related, unless it is quarter financial report.

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You know what they say? There’s no smoke without fire. The article says that Ant is seeking buyers for some of its investments. Personally, I’m not worried but you can’t turn a blind eye to what’s been reported either. It’s good to be aware of what’s happening and besides the price has dropped today so it’s an opportunity to buy into it as well if you’re looking to own some of it.

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Actually I don’t care about headlines, if I see financial report on February 11th 2021. which is pleasing, keep on buying. :partying_face:

Fair enough. :relieved: It’s good to keep an eye on the news though, you never know where you information to get in a stock might come from.

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Fundamentals drive my limit orders, if it dips , great if it doesn’t regular monthly DCA. :slight_smile:

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I understand the ant group news has impact, but even without Ant Group BABA is criminally undervalued, it is a growth/moneymaking machine.

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Apparently, Jack Ma is missing :scream::scream:

Sounds like opportunity for dipping the toes. :christmas_tree:

Disaster!!! Haha don’t know how it could get worse for Alibaba but it is!

I have actually asked to a friend of mine in China she said there is no news in Chinese medias about this… Hopefully it’s some fake or if not whatever the Chinese junk is getting me annoyed enough unless I switch off the news for at least the next 6 months and don’t bother about them

The biggest headwind $BABA share price faces is Western (mostly US) ignorance and sentiment. Its only reason its going down really, business wise not much has changed other than a small bump with Ant Group.

$BABA already by far my biggest holding with all these dips, but if it goes down more I gotta buy the other dips, I mean ITS SO BLOODY CHEAP. I look at any other company to analyse and I am like BUT BABA has so much cashflow, low PE relatively, great growth on all metrics and business areas TAAKE MY MONEY.

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Hope it stinks to 200$ mark :pray: :prayer_beads: