Bad Tesla Buy? ISA

I bought Tesla yesterday at $460 and it’s down to $447 today, have I bought at a bad price? Thinking of just taking the loss and wait for them
To hopefully plummit again

I would wait for @Vedran for better advice. :red_car:

Selling now makes sense with our moto buy high sell low, even tho it is not low enough to sell. Should probably wait for lower point to sell.

Would not enter new position before 500$-600$. To make sure we can buy high enough, to sell lower later.


Hello @Redsteak41,

It is always good time to buy something that is changing the future for the good.
Things will get better, bad and better again - key is Hold and buy more when you can.
I bought and sold in May on a small Pull back - HUGE mistake.
Make yourself a plan - short or long term and from this you could decide the future of your investment

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So I should just take the loss? I’m not too bothered just got a bit excited when I saw it going up but it’s looking like it’s going on a slow decline from here

I Will definitely do that I’m going to set price alerts etc so I know if it’s dropping lower etc

A lot of people bought it even when it was at $2500 and now they hold, most probably they took some more to put a good Average price - you are doing well, plan and execute.
For now I had slow down the investment strategy because i went through a redundancy but this is only temporary set back. I will hold all my positions.

$2500? Was that before a stock split? And I’ve been dying to know for ages where to find when it was over $2000 cuz it only says it’s max is $499 on the app

I’m gonna hold on for now as it may appear bad just now but it could jump again in November when they release the new model y, hopefully.

@Redsteak41 as much as I enjoy @Vedran funny posts I feel the need to point out you have missed the implied sarcasm.

There was a 1 to 5 stock split in August. I would suggest trying to time the market and then panic selling is not a productive mindset.

Yes Tesla is high at present but look long term, all being well it will be worth more in years to come.

As others have stated hold, hold & hold! Chances are the price you bought at may seem cheap in a few years time. If you are able to average your position down over time, even better.

Think of the reason you purchased the shares and made of the investment… I assume you would be hoping that long term the company will do well and the share price will go up.

Set your price alerts and average your position down if you can. Unless the bubble bursts you should be ok in the long run… make sure you form your own opinion on the company and do plenty of due diligence yourself on the stock / company :+1:

definition of FOMO i guess

Me: I’m just glad there is another topic where new religious battles can happen :man_shrugging:

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Yeah I missed the sarcasm cuz I was panicking thinking I had no idea what he was talking about if That sarcastic strategy was applied with short selling it would maybe work haha

Just out of interest what is your min time horizon on holding the shares? i.e short term, 5yrs, 10yrs+ etc.

I’d say for Tesla 3-5 years. I was looking at it before not thinking long term was only thinking about quick profits but that’s more for the speculative market. I know it’s still doable to make quick profits in ISA but it shouldn’t really be the main strategy in a lot of cases.

I strongly advise you do due diligence before buying anything and make sure your port is well diversified in multiple markets. Check out some ETFs that focus in things you’re personally interested in if you have FOMO tendencies with big news individual stocks - this may work out better for you in the long term and often a great starting point.

There are plenty of opportunities for swing trades, with short term profits, but you will still need to do your due diligence on these and there is always risk.

In terms of TSLA, I find the YouTube channel Tesla Daily brilliant for keeping up to date with company and market developments. He sticks to the facts and although bullish on the company, also points out any negative news also.

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for now, best to not buy or sell any of your shares and just spend time allowing your account balance to increase from recurrent deposits if you have it automated from your bank account. this way you can treat the account as at least a 0% savings account. In the meantime, spend a few weeks just reading up on everything investing related by the big names that have taught most of us what we know; warren buffett, benjamin graham, peter lynch, john bogle, et cetera. then use what you learnt to decide a concrete plan you can stick to no matter what happens in the market. this will serve you much better than using the forums community opinion since a lot of us won’t have the same level of interest in your desired stocks and you need to ultimately be the one to make the final decision.


Yeah I totally agree with you there, I’ve been reading up on Benjamin Graham and the history of Wall Street, sometimes I panic and jump straight to here to try and see if my decision making was Reasonable or obsolete but that’s the whole beauty of it, the research and knowledge lets you form your own opinion and as much as I trust my own i guess I worry too much that if mines are too obsolete it may not be so good, but I know that isn’t always a bad thing. You don’t always want to go for number 1 in popularity because they’re already popular so it wouldn’t be as big a payout as something that’s got potential but hasn’t hit the same point in their business. There’s always more than one option it’s just forming your own opinion that lets you find the right choices for yourself. But thanks for the advice, I’m gonna keep up to date with any news for Tesla and others I’ve put into but also gonna keep upping my General Knowledge of the stock market so I feel less need to worry about my decision making. But thanks again :slight_smile:

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right way to go about it. :+1:

we are all here looking to beat the market in the long-term so we should take the opportunity for anything that can make us better. Panic is definitely the #1 enemy for those looking to invest because it can cause us to make decisions we know to be poor or wrong, yet do so willingly to stave off a hypothetical “worst-case scenario”.

what’s great about investing is that tried and tested companies that have already done well and show no signs of changing will offer secure returns over time, those new options can be lucrative but are a bit of a shot in the dark and quite risky. the risk factor rarely gets talked about on a per stock basis because it is assumed we all know our tolerances and have made an informed decision.

I have a stake in Realty Income Corp because of how solid the business model has been for so long and I see no signs of their market suddenly fail to return on investments, its not my biggest position right now, but the plan is to work it up until its maybe 25% of my portfolio. if my portfolio does well and grows beyond expectations I will lower the ratio again, but until then I get a nice peace of mind payment on a monthly basis while I wait for riskier positions to pay off.