Tesla stock dropped, I bought more, what did you do?

Bought £1,000 in more TSLA today on the 9% drop, what did you guys do? Sell or Buy more?

Hopefully we get more panic and profit taking before battery day so I can get in even cheaper.

Have about another £2k free this month to deploy.

Don’t assume battery day will result in the stick going up. People might feel underwhelmed, it simply not understand the significance of what they unveil, best is still to cost average for sure


Very very true, but the drop means I’m getting it cheaper long term (10yr). I’m more bullish than most, as you know haha, will dollar cost average too, but only due to limited cash. If I had more I would continue to go all in. But that’s me, everyone investment decision is their own to make.

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Next couple of years it could drop back down to 200, when it goes up that quickly it can definitely fall really quickly too. So just wouldn’t go lump sum when it’s that volatile. I know the drop at the minute looks like an opportunity but I think it’s just the price settling after that huge rally

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I’m going to wait…

What are we looking at here? Some sort of pattern?

4hr and daily. 30, 50, 200 SMA.

Above 80 RSI I’m selling, below 40 I’m buying.

If we don’t get a further pullback under 400 and it continues up so be it. :sweat_smile:

I was tempted here to dive in here.

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good1 phill, really would love to see volume weighted MA on that as well. Think I am gonno go chart that somewhere else

And why do you chose 40 and 80 for the RSI? Are they resistance and support?

Averaged down the whole way. If it goes down further I’ll average down even more. I don’t mind waiting several weeks or months if I have to, but there is no doubt it will rise and there’ll be a tasty bit of profit to take.


Down over 16% since peak a few days ago. Would be buying more but I’m out of cash until tomorrow.

For me it would be wise to buy more. It will rise again after this crash.

Averaging down too, but will hold off on any further averaging as I don’t believe it’s done. Going to be a fair bit of depreciation with so many institutions taking their gains and rebalancing unbalanced portfolios.

I think its overvalued and the price may still drop.

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I cried because I have no free funds left to top up :pensive:

With their battery day coming up and the inclusion in the S&P500, it might rebound upwards yet.

I’m sure it will but I have two (immediate) concerns with it;

  1. At this rate the rebound will only take us to break even, ie. the price at split

  2. Like earnings calls, the market sells the news

Suppose number 2 will be telegraphable if there is a nice run up. So conflicted!

Where the hell did that crash come out of? Was there any sign that it was going to happen? Not just Tesla but the whole market. Seems to have caught even the ultimate stonk pros out.

I saw a couple of people warning last week that the recent massive increase in call option buying could lead to to a pullback on some big stocks i.e. market makers having to hedge their risk exposure by buying the underlying and then dumping when they no longer need.

But no I don’t think anyone really saw a drop to this extent.