Save As You Earn (SAYE) ISA transfer

@Team212 Does Trading212 allow for employee shares to be transferred into an ISA through the "Save As You Earn(SAYE) Scheme ?
ref Tax and Employee Share Schemes: Transferring your shares to an ISA - GOV.UK

I think the answer will be no, given they state on the website that you can only transfer cash in/out. It wouldn’t make sense for SAYE transfers to take place but other ISA transfers cannot.

Its all there under the help section of their website.

@Dougal1984 I guess the statement covers all possibilities! shame… I haven’t received the option to buy shares through the SAYE scheme yet but i’m aware that if i can transfer them inside an ISA then the value will count against my allowance. My current buy price to share price is about 75% profit so i may get hit with CGT if i sell all of the shares at once hence why i would like to get them within an ISA before selling.

When i get the option i’ll have to look for a broker who will accept them into an Invest account because i want to keep next years ISA with T212.

HayHo lets hope it changes before i get my option.

You get 12k CGT allowance a year. Could chip away at that slowly, or use another ISA provider?

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