Transfering shares to my Trading212 ISA from a corporate investment account

Does Trading212 accept share transfers from corporate investment accounts?

I will soon exercise options to acquire shares in my previous employer company under the SAYE plan. These shares will be transferred to a corporate investment account and, following that, I will have the option to transfer them to an ISA of my choice to avoid capital gain tax charges. At the beginning of last year, when I tried to transfer shares from another ISA account to my Trading212 ISA, I was told that the transfer could only happen in cash, i.e. I had to sell my investments, get the cash and deposit it in my new Trading212 ISA. Almost a year has passed by since then and I sincerely hope that share transfers can be made now.


I believe it’s still cash transfers unfortunately. I think Trading212 have plans to allow the transfer of shares this year hopefully.

Thanks for your input, Chris

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