Stock Screener [Invest feature request]

i would love to see the ability to search for stocks based on specifications like in the trading view stock screener (eg. querying for a list of all stocks where RSI<30 AND EMA>SMA in a specified time frame etc.)

generally love your system overall!!

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Just a user like you here.
This request was alrady made by others several times. Unfortunately, this is not in T212 short or medium term plans.
The only option is to make the advanced search on TradingView and then search for the resulted tickers to see if they are present on T212 platform.

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thanks for the reply! i wish they add it. wasn’t sure if it was already proposed.

are you using trading view on mobile?
most of my trading is in the iphone/android apps and using the desktop version of trading view on phone is kinda cumbersome.


I can confirm is cumbersome on mobile. This is why I only use it on the laptop.

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