Search by value/price

Is there any chance of being able to search for stocks based on there current price please and if it allready available can some one tell this bannnnnna eating monkey how to do so please

I don’t think this one will happen because of the volatility of the market. the stocks would have to keep relisting as the prices adjust and that would put undue strain on what are already rather stressed servers. certainly has been mentioned before as I can see the appeal, but the current price of a share doesn’t mean its a good or bad buy so isn’t a good metric on which to conduct your searches since the goal is to have all shares available in fractional shares.

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Not quite what you’re after but you might find the mobile app Genuine Impact quite useful.

This ranks all stocks by Quality / Value / Momentum

Not strictly a price ranking but allows you to see at a glance quality stocks that are undervalued. Always do your own DD.

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