Search stocks by price

Is there a way to search stocks on T212 and sort them by price?

if you are using the advanced web platform, on the search page, go to filter.

under the filter you can adjust the conditions for what shares you want to view. once you have chosen a suitable range and narrowed the price range it loads a list. you can click on the price column header and it will sort the list according to price per share.

however the cost of a share is irrelevant to its quality and really shouldn’t be the metric by which you decide to allocate your funds.

Why would searching for a stock by price be helpful?

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Presumably to find the ‘cheapest’, which seems to be an all-too-common misunderstanding.

Lol. Don’t worry about me folks. No misunderstanding at all. Thank you for your concerns though. Appreciate you all. Happy Trading :blush: