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Can we have a broad filter than allows searching stock in price ranges? Low cap, mid cap large cap for example. And if possible by market or country.
It’s fairly difficult to look for shares of interest within a set cost range.

Why would you want to search for a stock by price? You could have two stocks that are worth 40-50p a share, but wildly different market caps.

LLOY is worth about 40p a share, valued at 28 billion.
MIRI is worth 50p a share, valued at 142 million.

Both wildly different companies, but how do you assess the value by the share price?


You know the answer to this :sweat_smile:


Mostly because I look for what value works for me. I tend to look for stock value under the £10 mark. As I don’t invest massive amounts at a time I’d rather buy more £3-4 shares than less £11 shares for example.

Should have gone on to say, I’m mostly a dividend investor so I look at history of payments to weigh up likely return to value. LLOD is a good example here ( I have that). The price per share had been good and you’d get better return value than say Glaxo (also have) as you’d buy more for the money.

DD, thanks for the unhelpful comment!

Go to the new beta web app

Click on the search button on the left hand side

Click filter on the right hand side


Or you could use another website like tradingview, but I suspect a lot of stuff you find and are interested in won’t be on T212 and it will be a waste of time checking each one

Stick to the UK stocks, you don’t want to get crushed by the strength of pound on FX and dividend tax in US, even the new charge from T212 on exchange will have an impact.

Support UK as it goes into supercharge. The Empire strikes back.

Morses club is a good value stock and dividend payer and it’s cheap. Just group will also look to pay dividend and again a good value stock. I’m almost 100% up on both. Still a long way to go…

Plus it’s good to support your own economy, essentially that’s what you’re doing.


Agree with this. Dividend cover is probably important as well. One reason I’m on the fence with National Grid as although the yield looks good, the dividend cover is not great.

Centamin is currently one I’m looking at in terms of a growth/dividend play, other than that I build up quality dividend stocks when I believe they are on the ‘cheap’ as long term holds.


The risk with Centamin is uncertainty with future production right?

I seem to remember that a couple of months ago they revised their expected production outputs for the next 18 months or so and decreased it by a lot due to unexpected delays in a mine which if I recall correctly is in Egypt and is its biggest mine.
That was the main reason why the share price took a massive hit. Since then, I think it has fallen significantly less than other mining companies that I have been “watching” such as Barrick, Kirkland and Pan African Resources. I think Barrick went up in the last week, but it had taken quite a hit also.

I can´t find whatever it was that I read.

There is an RNS from the 2nd of October stating:

Centamin plc announces that it has detected movement in a localised area of waste material in the Sukari open pit Stage 4 West wall and has decided to immediately defer open pit mining operations in this zone. This decision is a preventative measure to safeguard the health and safety of our workforce and the long-term potential of Sukari. As a consequence, 2020 guidance will be reduced and an updated mine plan for future years will be included in the life of asset (“LOA”) review.

Wow, great posts.
New beta app? Don’t know about that.
I certainly do buy British, all my main players are uk stock. I run a few US penny stocks for fun and I’ve had some good results. I use these for short to medium term to build growth to then invest back into my UK shares. Although it’s all gone a bit south with hype and exposure of the day trading and enmass groups.

Oddly I do have a position in Centemin and agree there. Also have NG but like above I have been considering if it will give better value elsewhere. Dividend history is good but it’s twice the price+ to buy than most of my others.

Will look at morses. Thanks


On mining I’m keen on Rainbow rare earths. Small cap but with potential I think. Not a dividend stock though.

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Just out of interest where did you see the dividend coverage? I can’t see it in my info.

Reading the financial statements, that or some websites show “Dividend Cover”, but its always worth checking the numbers.

Thank you. I see it’s been decreasing in recent times below the critical 1.5 marker.