Security code login

Well, I’m not using my phone because I don’t trust google play in being that safe. So for me a 2FA will be better than a simple password.

How will you leverage 2fa then, I doubt there will be physical token, most likely push notification or soft token otp/sms which require phone…

Sorry, I think I was not clear enough, I missed some words. I’m not using my phone to trade, therefore 2FA will work for me as SMS/authenticator will be used on the phone and actual trading on my PC.
By the way, I also suggested them to have 2 passwords, one for read-only, if you only want to see what is happening with your portfolio and another one for actual trading.

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2FA is de-facto industry standard for anything even remotely related to finances. Cost of money of such future is not even remotely close to cost of exposure in the event of a breach.

I can only second, that i see this future as a top priority.


It is in priority after auto invest stated several times.

But I doubt thiefs can benefit much from getting accout details. As AML checks would prevent him siphon money to different accounts from those used to deposit funds, so unless he gets access to your financial accounts, no monies for him…

We started working on that yesterday. Currently in design stage. Will enter implementation probably next week.


What did you guys decided, 2FA for authentication every time or multiple levels? From the practicability point of view a simple pass for checking what the account is doing should be ok. If you want to buy/sell/add/withdraw then 2FA.
Any input from the community and from dev guys will be highly appreciated.

Any updates on the implementation?

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2FA should be out in about 2 weeks.


Security is very poor in this system. If anyone has access to my laptop, he can purchase/sell my shares. The system must prompt for login with password. Authority should introduce this feature immediately. Most of financial sector use multiple layer of authentication.

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The system currently prompts for login with password unless you explicitly check the ‘Remember me’ option.

This is great news, looking forward to it being implemented.


Hi @George - how is the 2FA coming along? Appreciate all the cool stuff you guys keep bringing out, but I would sleep a little better with 2FA on my account as well :slight_smile:

You mentioned previously that it was in design stage - are you planning on a TOTP 2FA? In an ideal world, I’d like to be able to use a U2F hardware key as well.

Thanks! :+1:


Hi, any news regarding this feature? I am really looking forward to it!

It’s been a while, is this security feature being worked on?

I would appreciate 2FA or send sms code to your phone

Very pleased to see this feature go live, thank you very much for making it happen.

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It’s now live :slight_smile: