Next level of Account security

Hello, I don’t know what anyone here has already suggested. I’d like to ask if you haven’t considered adding another level of account security, such as signing a sale or buying a stocks or withdrawing money, with your fingerprint. I think that if someone stole their account, they would have the opportunity to ensure that they would not lose money or shares.

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Is 2FA not enough - not everyone’s device would have a fingerprint reader?

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I’m just asking politely, it could be an optional feature like 2FA. It’s just a suggestion…

It’s worth noting that fingerprint recognition is not nearly as secure as you might think – a strong password is often far better.


Even that won’t save your data from breaches:

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But in order to login you must provide credentials. Now if you go to the background the app asks again for credentials. Assuming that the credentials request is done right…

I would say remove the login pin completely which can be brute forced.

Unless you mean if they steal your device while the app is open…

Would help a lot too if 2FA app was on a different device than the one with the T212 app.

I dont think there will ever be something that keeps everyone happy.

At least 2FA ensures that if anyone were to steal your log in details, that they also need to use a device that you authorised.

I dont think any service provider can predict the stupidity of some users, if they also happen to leave their device unlocked. Software 2FA is the best way I think, and agree ideally the software part is stored on a device you own, that does not have any of your log in details.

Mobile security, big topic !

Assuming the app is security audited, a good password and 2FA is what the user can do…

I don’t like the pin though for devices with biometrics :stuck_out_tongue:

Although my idea didn’t work, at least there was a bit of discussion on this topic as well :wink:

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