[URGENT] Add 2 Factor Authentication on main site/app


I don’t see a way to enable 2FA on your main site ( https://live.trading212.com ). A bit absurd, the community package you’re using here (Discourse) supports it.

Given the amount of assets and value handled by your main site, it is in your best interest to protect both your users and yourself by implementing a way to enable 2FA as soon as possible.

Ideally, users should be able to enable 2FA by scanning a barcode through a mobile app (much like it happens here in the community forums) and they should also have a way to enable 2FA through SMS; if 2FA through SMS is too technically challenging/expensive, I think 2FA with app is a very good and needed first step in the right direction.

Please do consider this very important topic about security. I also encourage fellow users to raise awareness and priority on this suggestion by liking and bumping this thread until a solution is given.

Thanks to Trading 212 and all the staff for the hard and dedicated work you put in the platform.


Thanks Vendran. I see it should be almost ready, which is indeed good news.

But I couldn’t find a specific ETA about release, do we have any?

I agree with the poster, and I am glad about the good news regards this feature

Im sorry but no its not good enough.

Those links were from July, its September so its no where near completion. 2 Weeks was a date provided in May…


It will be released when ready. Check final post link if you have security concerns.

Respect for the amount of time it must have taken to find all these posts

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You wouldn’t have happened to use the search function would you? :thinking:

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Nah, I went topic by topic, post by post, until I collected the answers for OP.

What is this search people keep mentioning? Something to eat? :thinking:

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