Any chance of MFA support?

Appreciate there is fingerprint for the app, but would like to see an option for 2FA when initially signing in on the app, and full time in the browser. Ideally using google authenticator


More security for the account is an absolute must in my opinion.


Absolutely the first thing I was hesitant about signing up but I did with hope they will implement asap. Every platform has MFA

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Thanks, this one does make me a little nervous. Look forward to it dropping soon


Any update on the progress of this please?


One would think this is a basic security feature every project in 2020 must have it, let alone a trading platform!

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Any update on this? Nowadays MFA is a must in terms of security!

Why is it a must? :thinking:

I personally believe in and trust the Face ID / Finger Print ID on Apple devices as a good level of protection on our accounts. However, this can be bypassed via simple username and password entry online - in a relatively low probability of our usernames and passwords being hacked or leaked etc.

Ask yourself this, what extra controls do you have when logging into your bank account, credit card account, other investment accounts, crypto accounts etc etc. None of mine can simply be accessed via username and password and although not all use 2FA / MFA, they all have additional info that has to be inputted to allow access.

@David I know this has been an ongoing topic for a long while on the forum, but are you able to give us a quick update on any measures in the pipeline please?

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That’s funny :smile: the probability of usernames and password being stolen from T212 is when, not if. So a probability of 1.

Passwords death has long been predicted as they simple don’t work. Multi factor authentication is the new standard.

Here some links on the subject:

If I understand correctly from this example, your point is that even if someone manages to get access into your account, they can’t take your money out, right? Well, what if the attackers sell your positions and spend your money in bad CFD or future trades? You could end up losing the money and have to pay taxes for the closed positions (if there was any profit) ofc.

The reason I would like to have MFA is because I believe that no matter how careful I am, my credentials can be hacked, and in that case, I want an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorised access. Keep in mind that MFA doesn’t guarantee you won’t get hacked, it just means that there’s an extra layer of security that an attacker would have to break, therefore increasing the complexity and cost of the attack.