No sell price displayed on ios mobile app

Hi, why can n I not see the sell price for a stock?.. buy price was 132, no sell price displayed. Sold 7 shares anyway and order was filled at 110… that’s a mighty spread no?

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@Jegeeo Welcome to the community. Sell prices can be seen on the desktop platform. Perhaps they are working to implement it on the phone app too; other people have been requesting this.

I’m curious. What was the stock you sold? One way to protect yourself against a sale price that you would consider too low is to place a limit order.


It was 888 stock. I’m only practising at the moment so no drama but it seems to me that having the current sell price visible at all times is quite important. Yes I can see it on the desktop app, but not showing on mobile makes mobile only good for buying no?.. Also 16% spread seems a bit bonkers… I’m pretty new to all this so you’ll have to forgive my ignorance


Can we please have sell price in Invest on mobile please?

That is strange. It may be because you were using the practice account. In the real world no trade was done yesterday or today at a price lower than 125.

Correct me if I’m wrong but trades made in practice mode don’t affect the market?

Actual trades around that time were these. All prices were around 128.5. It is surprising you saw either 132 or 110.

Are you trading shares or CFDs? Because there is no spread on the stocks. If you sold with a market order, then you essentially said, “whoever gives me the first offer, can buy it at any price”.

Shares, I’m thinking I need to learn more about order types

A “Limit order” just allows you to buy or sell at a certain price limit.

So taking your example, if you wanted to sell at 132. You would create a limit order at 132 that will only sell if somebody matches you sell order with a buy order. The opposite buy order (the person buying your stock) could be both a limit or market order. If they bought with a limit order at say 130 and you are the lowest price anybody is selling at, he would get filled at 132 because he is saying “I will buy when the price gets to at least 130 or higher”. If it was a market order and you are again, still the cheapest anyone is selling at, he is saying “I will buy at whoever is selling at the lowest price.”

You can use a Stop, often known as a Stop-loss to do basically the opposite of a limit. You could set a stop at 132. What you are saying here is; “If the price falls below 132, sell to whoever is buying at the highest price”. You can tack on a Limit order to this known as a Stop-Limit, with the limit being 130. In this instance you are saying; “If the price falls below 132, sell to whoever is buying at the highest price, as long as it is above 130”

There are different combinations of using Limit, Stop and Stop-Limit orders to achieve what you want to do with much more precision. Definately do some research. There are more order types also with if, and, or conditions but don’t worry too much about that. Trading 212 invest just uses basic order types.

Edit: Sorry if I confused you, probably just better to watch some videos.


Thanks for taking the time to explain this, I think I understand… definitely more research needed. Thanks again.

:white_check_mark: Here we go :