Selling manually bought shares to rebalance my portfolio

I’ve recently created and invested in a pie, but I had some previous investments in some of the same ETFs (in this case).
I now wanna rebalance my Portfolio, and for that I don’t wanna sell the shares in the pie but those bought manually.
How do I do it or is it even possible?

Thank you in advance.

If you haven’t imported the manual purchases into the pie, just use the SELL button from the investment tab > the security you want to sell.

A manual sell such as this will only allow you to sell your manual investments, not the ones made in a pie.

If you’ve imported your holdings into the pie after creating it, you will have to go into the pie > withdraw funds > manual, and adjust manually how much of each security you want to sell.

You can use the cash to put it back into the pie, or invest it elsewhere.

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Rather than withdrawing from the pie it’s probably better to export the number of shares you want to sell, that way you can use limit orders and not just selling at the current market price. But for shares outside the pie you can sell them as normal without worry, the shares inside a pie won’t be affected.


Indeed! Probably better that way.

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Thank you so much, I got it :smiley: