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Can someone please explain why an ETF you hold might only give you an option to buy more and not sell your holding?

How likely is it that the ETF in question eventually returns to ‘buy & sell’?

I’m talking about my own account here, just a general question to the community.

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Hey, @TradingSam - is the ETF in question by any chance held in a pie?

If so and provided you haven’t already, I suggest you have a look at this article in our Help Centre for more information. If the matter persists, however, feel free to reach out to us via this contact form and our team will gladly assist you further.

Sorry to hijack the thread but its on Topic.

@B.E personally I dont use Pie’s anymore, but this did also trip me up in the early days, is it not possible for you to allow shares within a pie to be sold?

After all its the same equity, why does it need removing from the Pie in the first place? surely the action to sell a position in a pie could ask the user how you wish to proceed, i.e rebalance or take no action etc?

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It’s the wording that trips you up I think. If you press the withdraw button and type in an amount you can ask the pie to sell only the stock you don’t want.

The pie is great for buying, not so for selling - but I guess that’s not its intention.


Thank you, I will read up on the pie feature as yes, I did buy the ETF’s in a pie. :+1:

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Personally, I use the “Export investments” function if I really want to sell something that is within a pie.

Open the pie → go to the Holdings section → scroll to the bottom → tap More ActionsExport Investments.

Don’t know if this is how it’s supposed to be done, it’s just how I do it.

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